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Sommos™ is an all-in-one platform giving you the freedom to grow your fitness business, earn more money for your content and classes, while connecting you with your clients on a deeper level.

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Zumba & Stong Nation

Whether you're teaching Zumba®, STRONG Nation™, yoga, or any other program, you can manage your entire business on Sommos.

Why Choose Sommos?

Combine all programs and class types, collect all bookings and payment, manage all clients in one platform, free to instructors.

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  • Earn More Turn drop-in students into loyal members with Class Packs and Memberships.
  • Save Time & Consolidate Consolidate your tools and save time by automating repetitive tasks and messaging.
  • Connect with Students Easily manage and communicate with your students with attendance tracking and messaging.
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How it works

  1. Easily import and sync your classes As a ZIN™ & SYNC™ Member you can easily import your classes to Sommos in a few easy steps.
  2. List your offerings and services in one place Add your custom web link to your social channels or existing websites to share your classes and offers. Coming soon is the ability to list gym or studio classes without accepting payment.
  3. No Membership Or Commitment No Membership Or Commitment. A free to start platform for instructors without sign-up costs or locked in memberships.
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  • Collect payments for all content
  • Sell on demand videos
  • Offer Memberships & Class packs
  • Own & manage your client list
  • Automate client receipts & emails
  • Host In person & virtual classes
  • Integrate with Zoom
  • Access reports & insights
  • Direct message & chat with groups
  • Receive tips from clients
No Fees Deducted from Instructor All fees can be absorbed by client or instructor can elect to take a percentage - it's what works best for you. Plus, there's no fee to get started and no memberships or commitment to try Sommos.

What does "Sommos" mean?

Sommos on mobile
One Platform.
One Community.
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Sommos™ allows you to centralize class management and take payment for your entire fitness business - including in person, virtual classes, and videos on demand for all of your fitness programs in one location. As well, Sommos™ provides students one location to view and purchase all of your offerings. With features like Memberships & Class packs you can combine different class types to sell in bulk, and turn drop-ins into recurring clients.

Currently, instructors in the US are able to create accounts and host their fitness business. There are plans for potential expansion to other countries in the future.
Clients worldwide can take classes on Sommos™, and instructors are able to accept payment from clients/students in any country.

The Sommos™ Beta phase means the platform is fully functional, with additional features and enhancements being worked on that will release soon. We will be continuing to release new features in the upcoming weeks. During this Beta phase, we are actively listening to instructor and client feedback, and users of the platform will have an active opportunity to help shape Sommos™ and its features.
For more information, contact support on sommos.fit

No, for instructors there are no fees, memberships, or committments to set up and manage their business on Sommos™.
To help maintain and improve the platform, there is an administrative fee that is charged to the student on each transaction. If they wish, instructors can choose to cover this fee or split it 50/50 with their students - otherwise the platform is free for the instructor.
To learn more about Sommos fees, click here

Sommos™ and ZIN/SYNC Studio are separate platforms, and you still have full access to ZIN/SYNC Studio when you use Sommos™.
When you create an account on Sommos™, as a ZIN and SYNC Member you'll have the ability to import your Zumba® and STRONG Nation® in-person and livestream classes onto Sommos™. This will allow you to centralize the back-end management of your classes in one place, while still having your classes show up for students on all class search listings - including Sommos™, zumba.com, strongnation.com, zumba.dance and strongnation.fit.
Regardless of which platform your clients access the class through, the experience is seamless- they'll be taken to Sommos™ to finalize registration, with no account creation needed on Sommos™.

Music licensing rules are the same on Sommos™ as they are for ZIN and SYNC Studio. Instructors are responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses for the music they use in their classes. Depending on the class type, those rules are different:
For livestream and in-person classes, generally speaking, instructors need to obtain the appropriate public performance license(s) from the Performance Rights Organization(s) (“PROs”) in the country in which they are teaching. In the United States, the PROs are ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Instructors may or may not need licenses from all three societies based on their use and selection of music.
For video on demand classes, generally speaking, instructors need to obtain master, synchronization, and public performance licenses, or use license-free music.
If you have questions about music licensing rights, please contact [email protected]

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